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I Know Everything

And It Says So On The Bottom Of The Screen

Ianto Jones
19 August
I'm Ianto Jones.

askaboutcoffee@gmail.com in case you have a burning question about coffee. Or want to inform me you're as shocked as I am that "askaboutcoffee" wasn't already taken.

We're not sex-crazed fiends. I like to think of us as sex-crazed friends. -- ask_captainjack

From the Torchwood Intranet FAQ:

Who dressed up the weevils?

If it's a boiler suit, God made them that way
If they are wearing a dress, Jack did that

What is our Corpse Disposal Policy?

If there are bits bigger than a breadbox please call Ianto in case we use them for something. Do not lose your corpse-sizing breadbox. Torchwood is not made out of breadboxes.

Can I eat this?

Does it smell off?

If: No, then: no further action required.
If: Yes, then: Have I shown this to Ianto?
If: No, then: Show to Ianto.
If: Yes, then: Do what he says.

When can we expect you?

You can't "expect" Torchwood. We happen when you least expect us. Sometimes people expect us to arrive in the early spring and then you hear NOTHING for weeks and weeks and there are theories and spoilers but no announcement! And then you find out to expect us in mid-summer and it's like: SERIOUSLY?